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Station #6 recast at 1/4 life size

Station #6 is now available in bronze at 1/4 life size. This group measures about 18" tall. The initial series of bronze sculptures included 58 figures approximately 7’ tall. The entire series is being cast at ¼ life size.

Station #6 depicts the reaction by one of the holy women of Jerusalem as she realizes the miracle in her hand.

As Jesus dragged the cross along the Via Dolorosa toward Calvary, Caesarea Philippi, offered her veil to wipe blood and sweat from His face. The image of His face remained on her veil.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the vera icon, or the true image, became known as The Veronica. The woman was canonized as St. Veronica in 1885.

We are also resizing the bronze figures to ½ life size, or about 36” tall. All are available for purchase. Contact us for details

Station #6 as Veronica looks up in amazement as her veil captures the image of Jesus.
Station #6: Veronica and the veil.

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