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Nine sculptors from Colorado and Oregon collaborated on this project. After exchanging preliminary sketches, each artist produced several maquettes in clay. These helped solidify the vision and assure consistency. Models in appropriate costume were photographed in 3D. The figures were then roughly shaped in foam, covered with clay and details rendered. These half-reproduction size figures were scanned again. Casting molds were printed on 3D printers at reproduction size. Multiple foundries cast the Stations. All sculptures received a common patina and were shipped to the location for installation.

Rob Arps, Portland, Oregon

Station XI

Mr. Arps, a classically trained sculptor, is also a 3D specialist and the driver of the technology that made this project possible. Grounded in traditional artistic principles, Rob is committed to exploring, embracing and utilizing technology to propel sculptural advancements.

Joey Bainer, Loveland, Colorado

Stations II, III, V, VII, IX, XIII

Mr. Bainer’s sculpture capture the universal in a moment in time. His inspiration is rooted in truth/nature. He has a passion for people and classical design. Joey strives for excellence in his work and relationships alike.

Dee Clement, Loveland, Colorado

Station X

Mr. Clements’ early sculptures were abstract. The beauty of bronze figurative sculpture drew him in. “When I created my first sculpture out of clay, I had a sense I had found my passion. Since that first sculpture, a main thread in my life has been to portray the content of a person, to capture through the face and figure the spiritual essence of the individual.”

Martin Eichinger, Portland, Oregon

Stations VI, VIII

Martin Eichinger is recognized as one of the few ‘Living Masters’ by the Art Renewal Center. In 2010, Marty was elected Fellow of the National Sculpture Society. He has been a member of the Society since 2004. His bronze narrative sculptures “chronicle the eternal human pursuit of meaning, happiness, and growth.” Eichinger has been sculpting for over 40 years and is represented by many elite galleries across the country.


Lynn Kircher, Jaroso, Colorado

Stations XII, XIV

“As an artist I’ve been moved, very touched, sometimes overwhelmed, when people who have witnessed my liturgical art tell me that it has enhanced their experience of being human. And this encourages me, it fires my passion, my desire to be true. It’s a way for me as an artist to be of service.” Mr. Kircher’s liturgical sculptures are widely collected including his sculpture, “At Peace” which is in the Vatican Collection. Kircher was the coordinator of the sculptor group.


Ann LaRose, Loveland, Colorado

Stations II, III, V, VII, IX, XIII

On a trip to Italy at age fifteen Ms. LaRose decided that she wanted to be a sculptor, It wasn’t until a trip to Art Castings of Colorado in 1979 that she realized her goal was possible. Ann is a full time professional sculptor and has been casting her work in Loveland, Colorado since 1979. Since receiving her art degree in 1970 from Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts, Ms. LaRose has exhibited her work throughout the United States.

Bets Lundeen, Loveland, Colorado

Stations II, III, V, VII, IX, XIII

Bets Holland Lundeen believes there is a continuous thread connecting the various arts. Her goal is to weave this thread through the soul of the observer. Bets, a versatile artist, has become proficient in various techniques. She has gained national attention through exhibitions from Beverly Hills to New York City. Having been a professional sculptor for over 30 years, she has recently been concentrating on oil portraits and paintings.


George Lundeen, Loveland, Colorado

Stations II, III, V, VII, IX, XIII

“I am attracted to the human figure, and it will be enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life. Hands and faces are the hardest for me… done well they can communicate so much.”

George Lundeen established his sculpting studio in Loveland, Colorado in the mid-1970s. He is a member of the National Academy of Design and the National Sculpture Society. He achieved the status of full Academician of the National Academy of Design in New York, the highest professional recognition bestowed on visual arts in America. He also has work at the Capital Rotunda in Washington DC.


Mark Lundeen, Loveland, Colorado

Stations II, III, V, VII, IX, XIII

Mark’s highly realistic sculptures show a fine sense of detail complimented with fluid lines, balance and integrity. After college, Mark spent months in Europe studying the old masters.

He can capture one moment in time and translate that moment into eternity. He stages his artwork around the stories or emotions the characters portray, allowing each viewer to find a different version. Mark is a member of the Allied Artists of America and was one of the youngest ever selected to the National Sculpture Society. His work appears in the National Statuary Hall of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.


Thomas Jay Warren, Rogue River, Oregon

Stations I, IV

Mr. Warren studied figure sculpture with Andrzej Pitynski at the Johnson Atelier in Hamilton, New Jersey, one of the largest sculpture foundries. For ten years Jay was head of the modeling/enlarging department of this institute. During these years he built his reputation with such works as the Medgar Evers Memorial, the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the first Football Game Monument. In 1992 Jay was presented with the Young Sculptors Award by the National Sculpture Society. He was inducted into the NSS as a professional member in 1997.

Rob Arps
Joey Bainer
Martin Eichinger
Dee Clement
Lynn Kircher
Ann Larose
Bets Lundeen
Mark Lundeen
Thomas Jay Warren
George Lundeen
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